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29th Jul 2018

Patrice Evra has posted yet another bizarre “I LOVE THIS GAME” video

Do you want to watch Patrice Evra frolic in the sea with a pig whilst in a wig and sunglasses? You do, don't you? Good. Come right this way.

Kyle Picknell

Do I know what is going on here? I do not

Patrice Evra has earned himself a bit of a reputation over the years for, how do you say, ‘being a bit of a character‘.

If there was ever a world-class-for-a-short-period left back that embodied the slogan of choice for every imagination deprived Tinder bio out there – LIVE LAUGH LOVE – it is Patrice Evra. And that is why we love him really.

We like him for deciding to fly into the stands and boot an unsuspecting Marseille fan in the face, but we can’t really love him for that. It’s far too violent. Way too violent.

He’s better when he’s enjoying himself, and uploading miscellaneous videos of him being extremely Patrice Evra.

Once, he uploaded a video of himself with his top off and just shouting “I LOVE THIS GAME” over and over. Presumably, he had just finished his ironing and he was really pleased with himself.

Ever since, it’s become an integral part of the Patrice Evra selfie-video genre.

For instance: how about whistling along to Bobby McFerrin’s ‘Be Happy’ in his car and shouting “I LOVE THIS GAME”?

Yeah, he’s done that.

Sitting in a bubble bath, listening to Drake and playing with his rubber duck, all whilst telling people how much he loves the game?

Yeah, he’s done that too. And in fairness to him, it was an incredible watch.

Pretending to find out he’s gotten a move back to the Premier League via a phonebox and then dancing up the high street in celebration?

Yeah. Crossed off the list. Waaaaay ahead of you.

Forgot about the 80 caps for France, five Premier League medals, two Serie A titles and the Champions League trophy; this is how Patrice Evra will always be remembered.

For loving this game. For maybe even loving it too much, if such a thing were possible.

Oh, and also now playing with a pig, in the sea, with a wig and sunglasses on in some sort of tropical paradise.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, once more… Mr Patrice Evra:

Do you love the game? Because you should really. You should really love this game. That’s all it is at the end of the day. A game you should love.


Patrice Evra