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10th May 2019

Neil Warnock says Manchester United have ‘wasted a lot of money’ in recent years

Wil Jones

The Premier League will be a much less colourful place without Neil Warnock

Despite his best efforts, Neil Warnock was not able to keep Cardiff City in the Premier League this season.

On Sunday, they play Manchester United at Old Trafford, in their final game of the season before returning to the Championship.

And while they might be much higher up the league, it hasn’t been the happiest of campaigns for Manchester United either.

After sacking Jose Mourinho in December, caretaker boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took United on an incredible undefeated run, before spluttering out around the time he was given the job and failing to qualify for the Champions League.

Warnock was asked about his side’s opponents current position, and the job facing Solskjaer net season. And in typical Neil Warnock fashion, he didn’t pull any punches.

“He’s not like me, in that he’s got absolutely top quality players, and he can buy top quality players, so it’s a little bit different,” said Warnock at the pre-match press conference. “He will be judged on the signings he makes, and how much money they spend. Because they have wasted a lot of money”

“Are they any better off than when David [Moyes] was there? And they’ve spent about £400 million since then.

“[For] the fans, its an easy situation – get rid of the manager. But you’ve then got to support him, and you’ve got to have a structure where you try and sign the best players available, to move the club forward.

“It does seem that over the last few years, I’m not sure how much thought has gone into some of the signings. So it’s been a difficult period for them.

“People say two of three windows – I think it could be ten years. I can’t see them catching the top two clubs up for another four or five years. “