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08th Jul 2018

Liverpool’s opinion of Jack Grealish shows why he won’t be heading to Anfield

Grealish was linked with a move to Anfield

Simon Lloyd

‘One to cross off the list, if he was ever on it’

Jack Grealish is expected to be on the move this summer. That much, we knew already.

Aston Villa’s failure to secure a return to the Premier League means they’ll need to sell the 22-year-old in time for the new season, with several top flight clubs reportedly considering moves for the midfielder.

Chelsea and Tottenham are amongst the clubs to have been most strongly linked with a move for Grealish, with the latter reportedly hoping to secure his services for a knock-down price.

Liverpool are also said to have been looking to sign him, with a report in The Mirror on Saturday going as far as saying the Champions League finalists had been in contact with Villa about a possible move.

However, talk of a move to Anfield has quickly been dismissed. In the time since The Mirror’s article started doing the rounds, further reports have suggested Liverpool have not held discussions for Grealish. Not only that, it seems clear they have no intentions of doing so, either.

A tweet from Neil Jones, the Liverpool correspondent for, made clear that sources within the club had strongly denied talk of interest in the player. Adding to this, Jones said Grealish is ‘not seen as a player who would add anything in terms of quality or personality’.


That, we can assume, is the end of that one.