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28th May 2024

Fans lose it after Lionel Messi is heard speaking English in Bad Boys trailer 

Callum Boyle

Lionel Messi

He really can do anything

Lionel Messi has broken the internet after fans heard him speaking English for the first time.

Messi has appeared in a number of commercials aired on English TV over the years but is rarely heard speaking.

The eight-time Ballon d’Or winner was one again in front of the cameras as he starred in a trailer for the upcoming Bad Boys film starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Meeting the two stars, Messi then had a surprise for the audience by speaking in English, sending the internet wildly.

One person wrote: “Messi said ‘Bad Boys’ and the whole internet is going wild he spoke English for the first time eve.

“We saw Messi speaking English before GTA VI,” added a second.

A third wrote: “Messi speaking English ? First time hearing him speak English.”

Another commented: “Messi speaking English publicly for the first time in history.”

Messi has had us all on

It might be the first time that Messi has been heard speaking English publicly, but it turns out that he actually knows his fair share of the language.

Inter Miami teammate Julian Gressel admitted that he was shocked to hear the World Cup winner speaking fluent English during a game.

Speaking about the moment on the Player Manager podcast, he said: “Between me and Leo we’ve had this running joke a little bit ever since the first few days.

“I asked him if he speaks any English and he was like ‘no, not really, your Spanish is probably better than my English’ There was one moment in Saudi, I forget which game it was but maybe the first game, against Al Hilal and he came over to me and spoke to me in English.

“It was the first time he spoke to me in English.”

Gressel continued: “During the game he covers his mouth because there are always a billion cameras on him. He covers his mouth and says ‘now, we change. You stay and Jordi (Alba) runs, Jordi goes more in behind’.

“I was just like ‘yes, ok – sounds good!’ The funny part was after, he goes ‘English, pretty good, no?’. I was like ‘yes, very very good! I understood everything!”

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