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21st Jun 2018

Even Roy Keane had a little giggle at Ryan Giggs’ burn on Patrice Evra


Darragh Murphy

Do not adjust your television sets.

That is indeed a legitimate smile from the perennially cranky Roy Keane.

There’s been nothing new or surprising about the curmudgeonly attitude displayed by Keane throughout the World Cup so far because he’s always been that guy.

Keane has never been one to laugh his way through his analysis and Slaven Bilic found out in no uncertain terms earlier this week that the Irishman is not the kind of pundit who likes to engage in banter.

The miserable shtick has worn thin with several viewers but those tuning in for France’s World Cup clash with Peru on Thursday afternoon were treated to a rare sight as the Manchester United legend allowed himself a little chuckle after a joke from former long-time teammate Ryan Giggs.

Giggs took the opportunity to take a little pop at ex-United full-back Patrice Evra when the trio took to the ITV studios to analyse the Group C match.

“To be fair, United have not had a decent left-back since Denis Irwin,” Giggs laughed.

Evra got a great kick out of the wisecrack from the current Wales manager and, if you look carefully, the corners of Keane’s lips curl up in what resembles some kind of upside down frown.

Perhaps the apocalypse is upon us…