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12th Jul 2018

Cesc Fabregas ‘accidentally’ celebrates Antonio Conte’s Chelsea dismissal

Conte was sacked on Thursday and it's clear one player in particular might have been a bit pleased with the news...

Kyle Picknell

Did you not like playing as a defensive midfielder under Conte, Cesc? Having to run around a lot without the ball? Couldn’t tell. Genuinely had no idea.

Antonio Conte was finally sacked as Chelsea manger today in what was perhaps the least surprising news since Donald Trump announced he was coming to Britain and, in response, Britain decided to construct a giant inflatable orange baby to fly over his head whilst he was traipsing around pretending to look important.

Despite winning the Premier League title in his first season and the FA cup in May, it appears Conte wasn’t particularly well liked by some of the Chelsea players due to his naturally defensive, robust style.

Others perhaps had even more obvious reasons to fall out with the manager even if it was never clear whether they actually did, in particular David Luiz, whom he exiled from the team at the beginning of last season.

It now appears that Cesc Fabregas is one Chelsea star who wouldn’t have been particularly upset by his departure, liking one tweet that simply said “Yessssssss Conte gonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn @CFC”.

Their relationship has appeared strained ever since Conte took over at Stamford Bridge as Matic and Kante were preferred by the Italian, and the player has since admitted that the appointment was probably the reason he didn’t make it in Spain’s Russia 2018 squad.

Last month he said: “When Conte first game to Chelsea I wasn’t playing at all. He [Julen Lopetegui] wanted to try to give opportunities to the younger players who he worked with at the Under-21s and Under-19s. Fair play to him, they’ve done well, they’ve been playing well for two years.”

Even before that, Fabregas openly criticised Conte’s defensive tactics as Chelsea were knocked out of the Champions League at the hands of Barcelona in February.

“Defending for 90 minutes is a suicide mission we have to have personality and play our game,” he said following their first leg defeat.

Still, there is the slimmest of chances that Cesc did actually accidentally like the tweet, as he has since claimed.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sure mate. Sure you did. Just like I always mistakenly press the ‘+’ button a few times whenever I’m getting the double cheeseburgers in in Maccies. Happens to the best of us.