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30th Dec 2021

Football Twitter 2021: The best football tweets of the year

A collection of the best and funniest football tweets from throughout the calendar year - apologies in advance for ignoring your favourite


What a year it’s been

After a rather vacant 2020, this year was when football picked up again and the content machine went into overdrive.

The Super League fiasco, an incredible Euro 2020, Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo going back to Manchester United, Jack Grealish and his calves going to Man City, Newcastle’s Saudi takeover, Barcelona being in financial ruin, and all the other mad shit I’ve forgotten about, gave us quite the year of tweets.

Here are some of our favourites. Yes, we’ve included a couple of ours. Sorry if we ignored one of your bangers. Drop them in the replies. Enjoy.


It wasn’t the easiest start to 2021 for anyone. A perfect visual representation of how we all entered the new year after the worst 365 day period of all time.

No explanation needed for this one.

Never under-estimate football Twitter’s ability to turn a threat to democracy into memes.

Shout out to all the Cockburns out there. It can’t be an easy life.

If you say so, Steve.


Then there was the time we discovered Dermot Gallagher has been Anglicising his strong Dublin accent for a British TV audience, and we lost our collective mind.

A timeless deconstruction of the banal punditry that curses our screens far too often.

Still waiting on the original audio for this.

Someone, please stop politicians from using footballing analogies.


That’s the real quiz.

Ah, the José Mourinho era at Tottenham.

Hasn’t aged well, but a brilliant use of one of our headlines. Chapeau.

All that’s missing is a never-ending chorus of boos.

The greatest match promotion tweet ever sent from a club account.

That time Christian Benteke used World Book Day to remind the world of the biggest smash and grab in recent history.


THE SUPER LEAGUE TWEETS. Some absolute bangers in here.


Maybe we should re-evaluate the way we analyse missed penalties.

This one was particularly prophetic…

Hope his head wasn’t too badly hurt after this.

Return of the King.

A true Premier League great departs.

Liverpool Alisson sent Twitter into a frenzy with his last minute winner against West Brom, but nothing quite topped this brilliant stat from Richard Jolly.

The Turkish Süper Lig continuing to be batshit.


The Euros kicked off in June, and there was no shortage of entertainment.

Until the BBC suffered some technical issues during Turkey vs Wales.

Scotland might have only scored one goal in their three group games, but at least they had this absolute banger as a soundtrack.

Holland once again proved to be a disappointment.

Turkey being a complete flop in the tournament after everyone tipped them as dark horses was a particular highlight.


For many fair weather fans, the Tiny Football Car was the best bit of the tournament. And fair enough, it was very cool.

Even God was getting involved when England conceded their first goal of the tournament to Denmark.

As England reached the final, Euros fever got a hold of all of us.

Never forget Tyrone Mings dunking on our awful Home Secretary.


Transfer silly season always kicks into gear in August.

Do you want the options again?

The footballing world was rocked by news of Messi leaving Barcelona, but few will have been more fearful than Ligue 1 defenders.

When you see it…

Kit launch of the year: Crystal Palace getting their oldest fan, 101-year-old Pam, to do the photoshoot for their home kit.


Simple but effective.

One regular day of CONMBEOL. All I ask for. Will never happen.

It was always going to be Burnley to do this, wasn’t it?

Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford saw everyone fly off the hinges a bit…

An underrated Twitter moment: Patrick van Aanholt calling Mateo Guendouzi ‘likkleman.’

Still wish we could have seen Graeme Souness’ reaction to his.


Long after Frank Lampard’s departure from Derby, Leeds fans continued to mock his reaction to spy-gate.

*Chef kiss*

When Rob McElhenney realised just what he’d got himself in for as his players mopped the pitch dry.


Any excuse to show you this again.

Solskjaer’s sacking feels like longer than six weeks ago, doesn’t it?

Sure he was smiling on the inside…


The managerial merry-go-round was in full swing as Lampard was linked to every bottom half job available, but decided none of them were quite right for him.

Leeds’ injury crisis saw them turn to a literal 15-year-old to fill a space on the bench.


Oh yeah, and the Champions League draw had to be re-done due to a mistake. Thankfully for Chelsea, they still ended up with Lille, and made the most of a great opportunity on social media.

This clip took the world by storm in late December, but the numbers would dictate she should have passed.

Be more creative with the presents, fellas.

And the year signed off with John Terry getting really into NFTs of sad looking apes. No, we don’t get it either. This was very funny though.

Happy New Year, folks. Here’s to another year of great tweets.