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20th Aug 2019

When football pranks go too far, courtesy of Stoke City and a pig’s head

Wayne Farry

Sponsored by Paddy Power

Footballers love pranks

The history of English football is dotted with teams that loved to prank both each other and, well, everyone else. Wimbledon’s Crazy Gang is probably the most famous example of this, thanks to their now infamous escapades.

That included players having their shoes nailed to the floor, being stripped naked and left in a field, having tingling muscle left in their underwear and other, completely normal types of behaviour.

Generally speaking, these sort of pranks are a thing of the past in a football world where professionalism and HR have come into practice across the board.

But they still persist on occasion, as revealed by Jonathan Walters on the latest episode of Liquid Football, by JOE together with Paddy Power.

While Walters had previously told versions of the infamous pig head story before, it wasn’t until this week that we heard the full, uncensored version, and it has to be said that it is right up there with the Crazy Gang.

From the pig’s head, rainbow trouts, brick through a window and wage fines, it has everything you want in your footballer stories, with some rather peculiar additions just to top it off.

Listen to full episode of Liquid Football here, or watch the full episode on YouTube: