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06th Jan 2016

Football manager director personally apologised to Harry Kane for getting stats wrong

Sorry 'Arry

Ben Kiely

It really says a lot that the makers of Football Manager felt compelled to apologise that they didn’t predict a breakout season that pretty much nobody saw coming.

Miles Jacobson, sports director of Sports Interactive (the geniuses that develop Football Manager) revealed in an interview with the Daily Mirror that he apologised to Harry Kane for misjudging his potential in the game.


Kane was in stellar form for Spurs last campaign, banging in an impressive 31 goals, but his stats on Football Manager didn’t quite match his performances. Jacobson explained that he said sorry to the striker for misjudging his ability at an awards do.

“I met him at the London Football Awards and he is known for playing a lot of computer games and I said ‘we get 0.5 percent wrong, you were one that we got wrong’, and he said to me one of the reasons he was trying so hard was to make sure his stats were better in the game.”

“He’s been a revelation for a lot of people and was just a late bloomer and was probably suited better to playing Premier League football than Championship football which is rare and usually the other way.”

No need to be so hard on yourself, Jacobson. Everyone makes mistakes.