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24th Feb 2020

Football according to Big Sam Allardyce

Kyle Picknell

Would you consider Big Sam and Jose Mourinho kindred spirits?

If you listen to or engage in a conversation about football these days, you might reasonably discern that, for some, a manager’s playing style or philosophy is more important than how often they win.

Ernesto Valverde was sacked by Barcelona while top of LaLiga and with a win percentage of close to 67 percent, but it was his style of football that left supporters disillusioned.

When JOE sat down to speak to Sam Allardyce recently, this was one of the topics that came up in relation to Jose Mourinho, a manager who Sam believes, like himself, is more concerned with winning than about any style of play.

Sam also talked ‘parking the bus’, and whether he believes that any team can follow Atletico Madrid’s blueprint to beat Liverpool in the league. Turns out he’s not too confident.

Big Sam now has a podcast. You can watch it on his YouTube channel here.