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21st Dec 2022

Footage of France players mocking Lionel Messi emerges

Callum Boyle

Several players joked about Messi

Footage of members of the France squad joking about Lionel Messi has emerged, days after Argentina have been accused of ‘trolling’ Kylian Mbappé.

Mbappé has been the butt of the jokes amongst the Argentina squad since Didier Deschamps’ side were beaten in the World Cup final on Sunday.

Emiliano Martinez has been at the heart of it. From asking for a “moment of silence” in the dressing room to holding a baby doll with a picture of Mbappé’s face on it at Argentina’s victory parade.

Some people have criticised the Aston Villa goalkeeper’s comments and claimed that he has gone one step too far, but others are quick to point out the double standards shown by the French national team.

After France won their World Cup crown four years ago in Russia, a similar style of events occurred during their trophy parade at the Stade de France.

One of the song Les Bleus were singing was dedicated to dynamic midfielder N’Golo Kante in with they refer to him ‘Stopping Messi.”

The translated lyrics say: “He’s little, he’s sweet, he stopped Leo Messi”.

Following the release of the old footage, people are claiming that Argentina’s excessive gloating is justified as a result of France doing the same.

One fan said: “The whole stadium of France and their players mocked Messi after they won the world cup in 2018 Is that respect bruh”.

Another tweeted: “Remember when the whole French team made fun of Messi in 2018? Yeah! Mbappe deserves to be mocked by Emi. Karma is a b1tch!”

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