Calls for FIFA to ban Iran after women pepper sprayed trying to enter football match 2 months ago

Calls for FIFA to ban Iran after women pepper sprayed trying to enter football match


It took place while Iran played their final World Cup qualifier

Video footage has emerged of thousands of women being pepper sprayed by authorities as they tried to enter the stadium to watch Iran's World Cup qualifier with Lebanon.


The ISNA news agency reported that roughly 2,000 women had bought tickets to see the game which Iran won 2-0 to secure their place at the finals in Qatar.

Security used pepper spray to disperse the crowds


Upon arrival, however, women were immediately refused entry to the stadium before security began to use pepper spray to disperse the crowds.

In the footage, women can be heard chanting "no to objection" and seen attempting to kick the gates of the stadium down so that they could enter.

More footage shows one man blowing cigarette smoke into the eyes of a child so that it can relieve the pain of the pepper spray.


Women have been largely prohibited from attending sports events.

The horrific scenes come just three years after the former Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, promised FIFA back in 2018 that changes would be made.


Women have largely been prevented from attending sporting events in Iran since the country fell under strict Islamic rules as of 1979 with current supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, enforcing laws which include the death penalty for homosexuality.

Iranian activist calls for Iran to be banned from the World Cup


Iranian activist and campaigner Masih Alinejad has condemned the shocking scenes and called for Iran to be banned from this year's World Cup.

"As an Iranian woman, I call on FIFA to ban the Islamic Republic because we, the women of Iran, are banned from entering stadium for 42 years," she told the Mail.

"If some Western countries banned women from entering stadiums, what would you do? Then what is different between us and Western women? This is hypocritical that FIFA ignore us.

"This is a total betrayal that FIFA do not take a strong action against a gender apartheid regime!"

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