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23rd Oct 2017

Female Packers fan got a tad handsy after Aaron Jones touchdown

She really enjoyed that score

Darragh Murphy

Aaron Jones won’t forget his most recent Lambeau Leap in a hurry.

The Green Bay Packers running back made the New Orleans Saints defence look non-existent when he sprinted 46 yards for the opening touchdown of the game on Sunday night.

As is often the case with Packers’ home scores, Jones celebrated by jumping into his side’s adoring fans but one fan was slightly more adoring than the others.

Jones was treated to several congratulatory pats on the back for breaking the deadlock.

And he got one heavy pat somewhere else.

Jones didn’t hang about to let things get out of hand and jumped out of the stands pretty quickly.

And the supporter’s rubbing clearly didn’t give the Packers much luck as the Saints enjoyed a huge second half to claim a 26-17 victory on the road.

Perhaps Jones will think twice before his next Lambeau Leap and we just wonder which Packer’s package will be given a rub of encouragement next time around.