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07th Nov 2015

Female footballer dons disguise, schools male opponents, then gives them a big shock (Video)

Kevin Beirne

Professional footballer Brenda Perez underwent a seven-hour make-up session to teach some Spanish footballers a lesson.

The 21-year-old wore a wig and fake beard in order to transform her into “Dani Perez”, before proceeding to run rings around her male opponents.

Having embarrassed her markers with a series of silky skills, Perez revealed her true identity after winning a free-kick just outside the box – which she then smashed into the bottom corner.

The stunt was filmed for Spanish TV show El Hormiguero, which looked to ‘destroy some of the myths’ about the quality of women’s football.

Judging by the looks on the faces of the defenders after the reveal, we think they made their point.