Fans think Ronaldo 'mocked Solskjaer' after Salah goal in new footage 9 months ago

Fans think Ronaldo 'mocked Solskjaer' after Salah goal in new footage

A new low for Solskjaer if so

Manchester United's defeat to Liverpool on Sunday was embarrassing. Conceding five goals at home to your biggest rivals is nothing short of a disgrace.


While it seemed that the mood couldn't get anymore toxic at Old Trafford, it somehow has, as fans have spotted some footage which adds to the Reds' embarrassment.

Cristiano Ronaldo well and truly lost his temper in the defeat, despite being one of several poor performers on the night. In truth, he was relatively lucky to be on the pitch having kicked out at Curtis Jones in frustration.

But fans have now noticed a video of the 36-year-old making signals which seem to be 'mocking' manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after one of Mohamed Salah's goals.


In the video you can see Ronaldo moving his arms about in the air, with a side-by-side shot of his manager doing the exact same thing before it cuts to the forward shaking his head and his face painting a picture of anger.

There's no definite answer as to whether Ronaldo was mimicking his boss, but if so, it shows a real lack of respect and doesn't make the situation at the club seem any better than everybody thinks it is right now.


One fan even pinned the blame on the striker, highlighting his bad attitude by saying: "I know people are using this to mock Solskjaer but to me it reinforces what a piece of sh*t Ronaldo is."

Indeed many are using the footage to laugh at Solskjaer, whom supporters seem to have lost all faith in, suggesting that if they were Ronaldo, they would have done the same.


One person commented: "I would have done the same tbh. Been done with this sh*t since two years now."

Whatever the truth behind Ronaldo's intentions in the clip, all is not well at Old Trafford.

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