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23rd Jul 2015

Fan loves Pitbull’s World Cup song so much he gets a tattoo of the rapper

Tom Victor

A football fan was so enamoured with Pitbull’s efforts at the World Cup opening ceremony he decided to get the rapper’s face tattooed onto his body.

The design captures the Ole Ola performer’s haunting stare which viewers around the globe witnessed ahead of Brazil’s victory over Croatia in Sao Paulo.

The Miami-born rapper’s popularity in South America begins to answer the question of why people call him Mr Worldwide.

Some have tried to claim the design is of Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli, who led the country to Copa America glory, but we know Pitbull when we see him. He’s fooling no one.

“Jorge Sampaoli” just sounds like a made-up name to us.

Next you’ll be telling us that Drake isn’t really a Sheffield Wednesday fan.