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02nd Sep 2016

Everyone’s making the same joke about the revamped Premier League monthly awards


Simon Lloyd

The English top flight is changing, kids.

Having long been regarded as the greatest football league on planet Earth, the group of very important men that are in charge of it have decided that there’s no need to stick a sponsor in its name any more. As a result, from this season on the Barclay’s Premier League is now known simply as ‘The Premier League’.

Leicester City v Everton - Premier League

There’s been other tweaks, too. As well as having a fancy new logo, we also told you a few weeks back about how they’ve changed the appearance of the Man of the Match award trophy so that it now looks like the lovechild of a bottle of aftershave and a yellow lego brick.

So, do the changes stop there? Not at all.

It’s also been revealed that the process of choosing the Premier League’s player and manager of the month has also been adjusted. Whereas previously, the awards were decided by a panel made up of former players and managers, it’s now been revealed that football fans will be given the chance to vote, too.

A combination of votes from the old panel and the public vote – which will be run on the Premier League’s official Twitter account – will now be used to determine which players and managers are given the monthly awards.

Hang on a minute… an online poll will be used? That can only mean one thing… Lots and lots of jokes about Arsenal fans.

Something tells us the Manager of the Month award might not be quite so clear-cut.

Manchester City v Arsenal - Premier League

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