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03rd Jul 2018

Everyone is saying the same thing about England wearing red

A very good omen


Can the streak continue?

You might remember a little game that occurred in 1966 at the old Wembley, where 11 lions led by the inimitable Bobby Moore swept aside the Germans to win our first, and until Gareth Southgate brings football home in approximately two weeks time, only World Cup.

What colour were the boys wearing on that glorious, glorious day?

Red. They were wearing red.

And what colour are we wearing tonight? Yeah. That’s fucking right.

England are unbeaten in 15 games in red, and we will be on the very edge of our pint hoping the run can continue to 16 tonight against Colombia.

And if that isn’t enough of an omen for you, then how about this for a stat:


If we do somehow lose, it won’t be because of the shirt. It’ll be because we were on ITV…