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13th May 2019

Everton fans bring out savage chant to mock Liverpool after second place finish

Liverpool finished second yesterday, six places above Everton, but that didn't stop Toffees fans revelling in their disappointment

Reuben Pinder

Small victories

Supporting a football team means celebrating when you win, suffering when you lose, and revelling in the misery of your rivals, especially when they’re a considerably better team than yours. That’s just part of the package. You take the small victories because you don’t know when the big ones might come.

In keeping with that theme, Everton fans squeezed every ounce of joy out of Liverpool’s second place finish in the Premier League that they possibly could. Schadenfreude is a powerful emotion, and these Toffees fans were experiencing it in abundance.

Liverpool ‘lost’ the league title by a single point this season, losing just one match, but that didn’t dissuade Everton fans from mocking their ‘failure’ to win the league.

A cynic could point to any of Liverpool’s seven draws this season as the moment they ‘lost’ the title. You may think that’s reductive, and you’d be right. But nobody every let logic get in the way of a good football chant.

Videos posted on social media show Everton fans at Lime Street station on Sunday afternoon, singing:

“You lost the league, at Goodison Park,

“You lost the league, at Goodison Park”

And repeat.

The Merseyside rivals of course drew 0-0 at Goodison back in March. Had Liverpool won that match, they would theoretically be champions.

It’s a game of fine margins, and small victories.