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26th Dec 2017

Everton and Arsenal fans want you to know something about Harry Kane’s ‘record-breaking’ goal tally

It's a fair point.

Wil Jones

Harry Kane became a record breaker on Boxing Day.

His hat-trick  against Southampton in Tottenham’s 5-2 win broke the record for the most Premier League goals in a single calendar year, with a tally of 36 in 2017. Alan Shearer was the previous record holder, scoring 39 in 1995 for Blackburn Rovers. Overall, he got 55 goals in all competitions this year. It’s another incredible achievement for the striker, especially at the age of just 24.

And while it’s a late Christmas present for Spurs fans, supporters of other clubs are quick to point out they have a small problem with all the fuss about Kane. He might have broken a record in the Premier League era (eg. post-1992), but back in 1927, Everton legend Dixie Dean got 48 goals top flight goals. Then in 1928, he only got 47 in the league, but a whopping 85 in all competitions.


And of course, if there’s a stick to beat Tottenham’s success with, Arsenal fans will jump on it as well.


What do you think? Do we need to sport pretending that football was created in 1992 with the invention of the Premier League? Or is comparing the modern era with 90 years ago essentially pointless, since the game has changed so much since then?

Or is the fact that Lionel Messi once scored 91 times in calendar year make this all null and void?