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11th Jun 2017

Even Andy Tate features in Fifa’s new trailer for journey mode

All bases covered then

Darragh Murphy

No, you’re not seeing things.

That really is viral star and hardcore Manchester United fan, Andy Tate, in an actual trailer from EA Sports.

Ahead of the release of Fifa 18, the video-game developer has gone all out to promote the journey mode that will feature in the game.

Just like they could in the 2017 edition of the game, Fifa 18 players will play as Alex Hunter, the protagonist whose career progression is all down to you.

And if you thought that the focus on Hunter couldn’t get any more in-depth then think again because the latest trailer sees everyone from Harry Redknapp to Rio Ferdinand to a smirking Pep Guardiola comment on the player, who has his own real-life Twitter account.

And, of course, Andy Tate.

Fifa 18 will become available for gamers on September 29 and Cristiano Ronaldo will get the honour of featuring on the cover while his namesake from Brazil will be included in the game for the first time.

But for those of you who just can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Alex Hunter, his role in the game sounds better than ever.

“After a breakthrough first year in the Premier League, the whole world is talking about Alex Hunter. Now he’s back for a second season, and rumour has it, he’s on the move…”