Eric Abidal pleas for forgiveness in Instagram post to wife 8 months ago

Eric Abidal pleas for forgiveness in Instagram post to wife

Eric Abidal is alleged to have had an affair with Kheira Hamraoui

Eric Abidal has taken to Instagram to issue a passionate apology to wife Hayet Abidal after she filed for a divorce following an alleged affair between Eric and Paris Saint-Germain women's player, Kheira Hamraoui.


The former Barcelona sporting director is alleged to have had a relationship with Hamraoui, with wife Hayet revealing to RMC Sport that Eric had admitted that he had been in an affair.

Eric and Hayet have been married together since 2005 and have five children between them.

The ex-France international's legal representatives originally refused to comment when news that Hayet had began divorce proceedings was first revealed, but he has now broken his silence with a message to his wife, pleading for forgiveness.


In the post on his Instagram account, Eric addressed his wife by saying: "@Hayetabidal forgive me.

"Whatever your decision, you will remain in my eyes the woman of my life, and especially the mother of our wonderful children."

He then went on to add: "I deserve this humiliation even though it kills me alive. Thank God, God willing one day you will forgive me. #loveyoutothemoonandback."

Reports of the affair first surfaced after Hamraoui was attacked by two masked men following a team meal in Paris in October.


In a recent interview with French outlet L'Equipe, Hamraoui recalled the night of the attack.

"My attacker hit me with an iron bar several times," she said.

“" saw that he was mainly targeting my legs and I was trying to protect myself with my hands. At that time, I didn’t see a weapon.

"They immediately start yelling: ‘Open the door! Open the door!’ The one on my side grabbed me and pulled me out of the vehicle.


"Before, he grabbed a rectangular iron bar that he had hidden in his pants or under his sweater."

As the former Barcelona midfielder's phone was registered in the name of Eric Abidal, police want to question him about the attack.

Hayet is also expected to be questioned, however there is no suggestion that she played a role in the attack, with her lawyers strictly denying that she had any involvement.

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