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04th Dec 2015

Downfall’s Hitler reacting to Alexis Sanchez getting injured is priceless (Video)

Nooruddean Choudry

Now we know it has been done to death. We’re well aware that it’s incredibly obvious. But then so is Arsenal players getting injured for long spells.

There have been numerous spoofs of Bruno Ganz’s now famous scene playing a dismayed and furious Adolf Hitler in the 2005 movie Downfall. Somehow, when done well, it’s still incredibly funny.

An overworked Alexis Sanchez’s hamstring injury in last weekend’s draw with Norwich City was incredibly frustrating and sadly predictable for Arsenal fans, as were Arsene Wenger’s subsequent comments that he needed a rest.

As such it was ripe for the Downfall treatment. The trope may be a decade old now, but this one’s a winner…

Hitler reacts to Alexis’ injury.Pretty accurate.

Posted by Wenger’s Logic on Thursday, 3 December 2015