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Who wants to remind Joe Riggs what he said he'd do if Conor McGregor won?
Silly promise

Joe Riggs, it's probably a good idea to ignore your Twitter notifications for a few days.

The UFC middleweight said something very silly in the run-up to UFC 194 that we believe he ought to be reminded of.

"It makes me sick," Riggs told the Fight Network a few weeks ago. "The fact that the guy who's considered the pound-for-pound best fighter on the planet and he's the underdog against this guy who's fucking nothing.

"No way, if he [McGregor] beats Aldo, I'll cut my own dick off and throw it away."

Well, McGregor won in spectacular circumstances, and we know a good place to pick up garden shears.

Skip to 7:50 to hear "Diesel" make his prediction


Luckily, this JOE reader is already on the case...

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