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25th Jul 2015

Diego Maradona ‘singing’ Bob Marley is something to behold

Nooruddean Choudry

Diego Maradona singing ‘No Woman No Cry’. It sounds like the stuff of dreams.

And when we say dreams, we don’t mean the good kind. We mean the really weird ones you have when you’ve scoffed some brie just before bed.

Well it happened and it’s real and there’s video evidence to prove it. The great Maradona growling out a bit of reggae.

We’d call it singing but that would be playing fast and loose with the term. It’s more blaring out syllables in vague time to the music.

He even does a little gyrating dance at around the 1min 5secs mark. It’s something we could have done without seeing to be honest.

If the video proves one thing, it’s that music is truly a universal language…and drunk is drunk in any tongue.