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14th May 2016

Did Gonzalo Higuain leave this Frosinone player hanging on a shirt-swap?


Tom Victor

Gonzalo Higuain is a record-breaker.

The Napoli striker has scored 36 goals this season, more than any Serie A player since the competition came into being in 1929.

So we can forgive Frosinone centre-back Leonardo Blanchard for trying to get his hands on the Argentine’s shirt after Higuain broke the record with a hat-trick on the last game of the Italian league season.

It looks like Higuain agreed to the trade, at least initially, nodding in response to his opponent only to then carry on shaking hands with the rest of the Frosinone team as if nothing had happened.

Did he have second thoughts, deciding that actually he might want to keep the record-breaking clothing? Or did he just mishear Blanchard? You be the judge.

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