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03rd Mar 2017

David Haye was asked if he will embrace Tony Bellew after fight, his response was terrifying


Darragh Murphy

There’s no better sight in boxing than that of two rivals hugging after leaving their feud in the ring.

When the beef is squashed and the score is settled, all that’s left to do is embrace and congratulate one another on the efforts put forward.

It’s rare for fighters to continue their war of words after the final bell but if ever there was bad blood that would carry on bubbling after a fight, it’s the rivalry that exists between David Haye and Tony Bellew.

There seems to be legitimate hatred between the pair of British fighters and fight week has seen the trash talk whirl towards a crescendo.

Haye has been significantly more vocal than his Liverpudlian opponent, referring to the Merseyside crowd as “fucking retards” at a press conference on Monday after previously being warned by the British Boxing Board of Control for his conduct in threatening to “hospitalise” Bellew.

So should we expect a warm embrace when all is said and done on Saturday night in London’s O2 Arena?

David Haye is not so sure.

“This is going to be horrific,” Haye said on talkSPORT, transcribed by The Sun. “I said from the start I don’t want this fight.

“Sky, and all the boxing fans wanted this fight. I’m a prize fighter, I get paid to fight so this is what I am going to do.

“I am training to punch through his head. I don’t care about anybody else, this is why I have knocked out so many people.

“In today’s society what I’m saying may seem harsh but I am a gladiator. You will see what happens to a guy who does not deserve to be in the ring with me.

“I don’t know if we will embrace at the end – I’m not sure if the paramedics will get on the floor and let me embrace him.”