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14th Nov 2015

David Beckham answers journalist’s phone midway through press conference (Video)

Nooruddean Choudry

He’s so f**king cool.

Nothing seems to fluster David Beckham. He always seems to come across as cool, affable and incredibly charming. Of course he was no different at the press conference following Unicef’s ‘Match for Children’ on Saturday.

Even a telephone call interrupting his flow didn’t phase him. Along with the standalone microphones recording the ex-England captain’s every word, some journalists had placed their mobile phones under Becks’ nose to records his soundbites.

David Beckham Match for Children in aid of UNICEF : News Photo

Rather embarrassingly, one of the said devices went off midway through the press conference. But instead of eliciting a peeved response from Beckham, he decided to answer it.

The caller quickly hung up – either not recognising the voice on the other end, or knowing full well and crapping their pants – but it was a very nice touch from the superstar ex-footballer…

David Beckham UNICEF Match For ChildrenDuring the press conference after UNICEF’s Match For Children a journalist’s phone rang, so David Beckham answered it! Full presser here –

Posted by Full Time Devils on Saturday, 14 November 2015