David Beckham 'agrees' lucrative deal to become face of Qatar World Cup 6 months ago

David Beckham 'agrees' lucrative deal to become face of Qatar World Cup

The deal will see Beckham earn up to £150million to be the leading figure of the 2022 World Cup, promoting tourism and culture in the country

David Beckham has reportedly agreed a deal to become an ambassador for Qatar which will see him become the face of the 2022 World Cup, according to MailOnline.


The deal is set to earn the former England captain up to £150million which, alongside his ambassadorial duties for the World Cup, will see him promote the tourism and culture of the country for the next decade.

Beckham was also spotted last month in the Middle East where he was being shown around by officials and it is believed the deal has been established after speaking to Paris Saint-Germain president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who he knows from his time at the French club.

The Inter Miami owner is frequently seen in Qatar and is scheduled to return for the Formula One Grand Prix next month and when asked about the World Cup in 2019, he admitted he was jealous that he wouldn't be playing at the tournament himself.


He said: "I think as a player and a fan you want to visit a World Cup competition with great facilities, safe facilities, great hotels and great culture – and that's what Qatar is all about.

"I wish I was still playing because to play in stadiums like this, it's a dream. Players are going to be spoilt."

The agreement isn't likely to come without controversy however given the concern surrounding the human rights record in Qatar, but the 46-year-old has apparently been given assurances that the tournament will be inclusive for all.

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