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04th Nov 2015

Danny Ings receives touching card from a participant in his disability project (Pics)

Silver Lin-Ings

Nooruddean Choudry

If you weren’t already aware, Danny Ings is one of the loveliest guys in football today.

The Liverpool striker may out for the season after rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament, but that doesn’t mean he’s sat around feeling sorry for himself.

The former Burnley works tirelessly to help those less fortunate than himself, and even has his own organisation to help young individuals with disabilities.

Danny Ings Project-0466

Whilst at the Lancashire club, Ings launched the Danny Ings Disability Sports Project, a initiative dedicated to helping disabled children across Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.

Following his transfer to Liverpool, some feared the project would take a back seat, or even come to close. But the 23-year-old said at the time:

“No matter what happens in my career this project will always be running here, without a shadow of a doubt.

“And whatever happens in my career I will be setting up projects wherever I am. This is the start of many projects that I want to get going in my career. 

“And the bigger profile I can get, the more children of disabilities I can work with.”

True to his word, Ings has continued his sterling work – and he hasn’t let serious injury get in the way of his altruistic endeavors…

The Liverpool striker stresses that he thoroughly enjoys his project work, and is regularly humbled by the strength and attitude of those he encounters.

But on Wednesday a ‘get well soon’ card from one of the young participants clearly touched the forward, and he posted the message of encouragement on his Twitter account…

All together now – awww!