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07th Aug 2021

Tom Daley could win gold with these eight knitting masterpieces

Kieran Galpin


Diving by day, knitting by night, Tom Daley is the Batman of the Olympics

Despite only winning his first ever gold medal this year, Tom Daley has arguably been the face of Team GB for over a decade.

Outside of his diving achievements, he has been a champion for LGBTQ+ rights and a figurehead for young Queer people to look up to.

And on top of his two medals at Tokyo 2020, social media cannot get enough of Daley’s knitting.

He’s been an avid knitter for a long time, and runs an Instagram page dedicated to his homemade clothing.

With a dedicated Instagram of 1.1m followers, @madewithlovebytomdaley could spell a fashion design future for the Olympic diver.

We’ve picked out a few of his best efforts for your pleasure.

The Olympic cardigan

In those early weeks of the Olympics, the world watched eagerly as Daley knitted away in the audience seats. Then as the days went on, balls of wool turned into an off-white cardigan complete with GB insignia, Olympic rings, Union Jack, and Japanese lettering.

“Following the knitting progress more than the Olympics itself at the moment,” writes one Instagram fan.

Dustin’s ‘Blake’ Cardigan

My nan seriously needs to up her knitting game because this fit is stunning. Using a kit from Wool and the gang, Daley created a gorgeous orange and navy cardigan for husband, Dustin Lance Black.

Medal case

Naturally, when one win’s a gold medal, you need something to store it in. Daley created an adorable medal case for his debut gold medal, complete with a Japanese flag design and a Union Jack.

70s hippie sweater

It doesn’t get much better than a ’70s boho sweater complete with flared wavey sleeves. With a midriff design that reveals the body that has earned him numerous magazine covers, what is not to love?

Like father like son

Just when you thought Daley and his son Robbie couldn’t get any more adorable, they wear matching hexagon cardigans and break the internet!

Gays love succulents

Besides iced coffee and a mutual love of Lady Gaga, most of us gays are massive fans of succulents. However, not many of us are adept at knitting, besides Daley, who made a snug home for his snake plant.

Knitted vests all around

Thanks to Harry Styles, knitted vests are dominating this year. But why buy one from fast fashion when you can make one at home? Dale’s chunky cream and white knitted vest is both fashionable and functional.

Doggy fashion show

If Tom Daley in knitwear wasn’t enough reason to follow his Instagram, then follow for the cute doggos in sweaters.

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