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15th Nov 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘slow divorce’ from Real Madrid will be completed at the end of the season

Is he really off?

Simon Lloyd

There’s been rumours for a while, but a report in The Daily Mail seems pretty convinced that Cristiano Ronaldo’s time at Real Madrid is nearing an end.

Claiming that next Saturday’s El Clasico fixture with Barcelona will be his last in front of a Bernabeu crowd (in the league, at least), it’s suggest that the Portuguese star’s ‘slow divorce’ from Real will come to a conclusion in May.

Sources close to the club believe that he will make his departure at the end of the season, it’s also implied that this was the reason that Real Madrid snubbed the London film premiere of the player’s film during last week.


If correct and Ronaldo does leave Madrid, then there’s likely to be plenty of potential destinations.

Yet again, Ronaldo failed to rule out a return to Manchester United in his interview with Jonathan Ross which aired over the weekend.

After being pictured whispering into the ear of Paris Saint-Germain coach, Laurent Blanc following Real’s recent Champions League encounter, it’s also been reported that the French capital may be his next move.

Having bought an apartment in New York, a move to MLS is also a possibility.

Of course, nothing is certain yet. Nobody would be at all surprised if he ended up remaining in Spain for the remainder of his career.

With a good few months of the season left though, we can expect plenty more speculation.