Of course Cristiano Ronaldo is being linked with a Man Utd return 11 months ago

Of course Cristiano Ronaldo is being linked with a Man Utd return


We had a good run, didn't we? For almost two whole years, speculation linking Cristiano Ronaldo with a return to Manchester United has been virtually nonexistent. Alas, talk of him potentially leaving Juventus in the near future has awoken the beast.


Having departed Old Trafford for Real Madrid in 2009, rumours that Ronaldo might one day return to United were never too far away for near enough the entirety of his stay in Spain. Only after his switch to Juve did it seemed any slim hopes of him pulling on the famous red shirt again had been killed off once and for all.

But no. Here we go again. The year is 2020 and a 35-year-old Cristiano is, according to a widely circulated tweet, 'tempted' by the prospect of a return.

Christian Martin of Fox American TV claims that sources in Manchester and Porto have confirmed that the multi-Ballon d'Or winner is open to a move back to United and that Juve would be willing to negotiate the move should he push for it.

And just like that, the rumours begin again.


How much truth to all this there actually is remains to be seen. While logically it might seem like the Ronaldo-return ship sailed long ago, the thought of it happening - and the commercial and merchandise opportunities it would open up - is enough to have Ed Woodward and the Glazer family foaming at the mouth with excitement.

And who knows? With Paul Pogba near constantly linked with a second move to Juve, it might be more viable than most of us seem to think.

Oh no. See? In the space of 250 words we're starting to convince ourselves it could actually happen.

It won't. Move on. Please. Move on.