Cristiano Ronaldo joins poker's deadliest front three 6 years ago

Cristiano Ronaldo joins poker's deadliest front three

For years the debate has raged on about whether Cristiano Ronaldo is better than his Brazilian namesake.

Now we may find out which Ronaldo is the the poker table, at least, as leading site PokerStars has united the pair as ambassadors.


The duo are part of a three-pronged attack, with Barcelona superstar Neymar also on PokerStars' books.

Cristiano describes poker as "a fantastic game to play with friends...with family...with everyone" - which makes us wonder whether he's been getting the best of Gareth Bale in Real Madrid changing room poker sessions as well.


We're not sure how good the trio are at cards, but we haven't seen many better three-a-side line-ups. If they ever need a break from poker they could more than hold their own in a Nike-style cage tournament.