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21st Feb 2017

Craig Burley is being ridiculed for his bizarre Arsène Wenger/Wayne Shaw comparison

No correlation.


Whatever you think about Wayne Shaw’s piegate punishment, we doubt you came up with a comparison as off-piste as this one from Craig Burley.

The Sutton United player-coach’s resignation has split people into two camps, but it seems to have created a third occupied by Burley and no one else.

Perhaps it was a valid point about scapegoating in the football world, or perhaps that’s just what the former Scotland midfielder thought when he started typing.

After all, when the sentence actually came out, it was anything but the lightbulb moment he probably envisaged.

Burley is right that Wenger kept his job and Shaw did not, and he’s probably right that the respective ‘offences’ are not comparable – just not in the way he thinks.

In fact, there is an argument that the ‘Wenger Out’ sign at the anti-Trump march in London was a more cogent expression of the concerns around the Arsenal manager, and a similar sentiment was apparent in the responses to Burley’s analogy.

The only thing that Wenger’s and Shaw’s performances have in common, if we’re being honest, is that both are things which have happened and which involve people doing things.

Anything beyond that is a bit of a reach, though perhaps that’s what Burley was going for all along.

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