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19th Apr 2017

Couple’s very, very loud sex interrupts tennis match in Florida

"It can't be that good!"

Darragh Murphy

This would put anyone off their game.

While noises similar to sexual moans are commonplace on the tennis court, with grunts a regular accompaniment to the more powerful shots of players, this is definitely the real deal and not just a noisy match on the next court over.

One couple seemingly couldn’t resist themselves during the Sarasota Open clash between Francis Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger this week.

Midway through the second set, the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking interrupted play.

Tiafoe was the first to recognise one particularly loud “oh yeah” and couldn’t contain his giddy grin while the commentators initially tried to write the noise off as some audio from a spectator’s phone.

But the lady in question, if we’re calling her a lady, quickly made it clear that this was real life and this was real sex taking place in an apartment close to the court.

“I still hear it. It’s still going,” one flummoxed commentator noted after a period of less audible pumping.

Tiafoe then sent the crowd into hysterics as he roared out to the horny pair “It can’t be that good!”

Not to contradict Tiafoe or anything but, judging by the sounds of it, it was pretty damn good.