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15th Oct 2018

People are ripping the piss out of how Conor McGregor throws an American football


Even though he lost to Khabib, he should probably stick to UFC

Things have gone from bad to worse for Conor McGregor in the aftermath of his UFC 229 loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov. I mean, not only did he get beat in the Octagon, he also apparently can’t even throw a football. Welcome back to primary school, McGregor: you’re a loooooooooser.

The now-viral clip came after the Irish UFC fighter attended a Dallas Cowboys game as a guest of owner Jerry Jones. Along with meeting members of the team, he also got a chance to toss a ball around.

Watch it here:

In the aftermath of the incident, people took to Twitter to rip the piss out of the Dublin-born fighter.

Conor McGregor himself has acknowledged the stick he was getting, writing on Instagram that those mocking him were “fucking ruthless” and adding an excuse for his less-than-conventional throwing technique.

He wrote: “Hahaha yous’r fucking ruthless on this side. I just didn’t want to rip my custom @augustmcgregor baby blue billionaire blazer. That was all, y’all. [sic] Great job to the Cowboys today! It’s a Proper giddy up tonight in Dallas and I LOVE IT, see yous soon. [sic]”

McGregor is currently temporarily suspended from UFC following a mass-brawl in the aftermath of his loss to Khabib. So, for the time being, maybe it’s not a terrible idea for him to brush up on his sports skills outside of fighting.