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24th Aug 2016

Nate Diaz’s Stockton slap was no match for Conor McGregor’s skull-rattling punch

Take that

Patrick McCarry

There’s always a chance you will miss a moment or two during a five-round war.

That was certainly case during Conor McGregor’s victory over Nate Diaz in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

For instance, we didn’t realise Diaz had flipped the McGregor corner the finger in round three:

“F**k you and your game-plan,” Diaz had yelled.

We also didn’t initially catch that nervous look McGregor shot at his team when the 47-47 scoreline was read out from the second judge:

McGregor draw

It mattered not though. A matter of seconds later, Mc Gregor’s win was confirmed. Two of the three judges gave McGregor the fight and revenge for his defeat at UFC 196 was his.

We also missed this absolute gem of a response [below] to Diaz’ Stockton Slap. In fairness to Diaz, he landed a few slaps to McGregor’s head during the fight. However, on this occasion, the Irishman saw it coming and responded by sending it back with interest – catching Diaz with a powerful left-handed punch.

Stockton slap response

This didn’t deter Diaz’s flat-palmed approach. He continued to slap the Dubliner throughout the remainder of the fight.

Ultimately though, it got him nowhere: Diaz might have landed a few slaps but it was McGregor who landed the victory.

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