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15th Jun 2017

Conor McGregor is in for a busy six months, according to Dana White

Making up for lost time

Darragh Murphy

Not content to smash pay-per-view records with his boxing debut, Conor McGregor doesn’t intend to take much time off following his first foray into professional boxing.

Apparently, ‘The Notorious’ intends to defend his UFC lightweight title before the year is out, which seems like something of an ambitious goal right now.

McGregor hasn’t fought since last November, when he claimed the 155lbs title in Madison Square Garden, but he is anticipating two fights before 2017 comes to an end.

First comes the lucrative meeting with Floyd Mayweather on August 26, which was confirmed on Wednesday evening.

And win or lose against arguably the greatest boxer of all time, McGregor apparently intends to take to the Octagon at least once in 2017.

UFC president Dana White clarified McGregor’s stance during a conference call in the early hours of Thursday morning, when he assured reporters that the Irishman has insisted upon a return to the Octagon this year.

“I’m pretty confident (he’ll fight again this year) based on the conversation I had with him,” White said.

“He’s fired up for this fight and he’s excited to fight again and defend his title before the end of the year.

“Nothing is a guarantee. You can’t be guaranteed that anybody is going to fight again but, if you look at Conor, the reason that this fight is so big and the reason that he’s such a huge superstar is because this guy will fight anybody, anywhere, anytime.

“This guy is going to step in and fight Floyd Mayweather under boxing rules. These are the reasons that people love this kid.

“I’ve got all these guys crying about ‘Conor McGregor this’ and ‘Conor McGregor that’. Shut up!

“Step up and fight like Conor McGregor fights. Take the big fights when somebody falls out.

“On four or five days (notice), he’ll fight anyone. That’s why people love him.

“If I had to tell you right here, right now if I think Conor’s coming back this year… I absolutely do.”