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20th Jun 2017

Conor McGregor has had an ambitious new mural painted in his gym

Wishful thinking?

Darragh Murphy

Conor McGregor is not the type of athlete who needs constant reinforcement or motivation.

He seems to have had the requisite amount of confidence coursing through his veins since birth.

But it will do him no harm whatsoever when, after every training session for the next ten weeks, he glances up and sees exactly why he is putting himself through the exhausting work between the ropes.

‘The Notorious’ has commissioned the painting of a motivational mural on the walls of his boxing-specific gym as he prepares for the most daunting of boxing debuts.

Staring back at the Irishman as he sculpts the perfect gameplan for Floyd Mayweather is a painting of McGregor’s famous left hand crunching against the jaw of arguably the most unhittable fighter of all time.

The best of the best of the ring have failed to land flush on the defensive master known as Mayweather but McGregor, using the strategy of striking coach Owen Roddy, will be hoping to penetrate that legendary guard with his undeniably devastating left fist.

The vision of Mayweather crumbling under a shot actually makes for strange viewing given how seldom we’ve seen it happen in real life but McGregor foresees the upset of all upsets on August 26.