Conor McGregor copied Tyson Fury's persona, claims John Fury 1 month ago

Conor McGregor copied Tyson Fury's persona, claims John Fury

"He's a very articulate, clever guy."

Conor McGregor has taken the combat sports world by storm since making his UFC debut back in 2013.


Hugely impressive wins over Jose Aldo, Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway coupled with a devilishly abrasive and outspoken personality established McGregor as the single most recognisable face in the sport of MMA.

However, his persona is a result of copying Tyson Fury, according to Fury's father John.

Speaking to JOE, John Fury said: "Conor McGregor, he watched Tyson's persona and his life and I think he copied Tyson to a degree. Because he liked Tyson's outspokenness and he took it to another level."

What sounds like a criticism of McGregor is far from it, though. John Fury spoke extremely highly of the Irishman, and said MMA needs more characters like him in order to compete with the popularity of boxing.

"He was there at the right time, Conor, but again, very clever, very articulate, clever guy. And he's good at what he does. And he's great to look at, isn't he?


"He's a great watch, love him. Great stuff, especially throwing chairs at buses. He's taken the MMA outside. The only guy that I know that's fought a bus. Only in Ireland."

Tyson Fury has teased a future move to MMA on numerous occasions. He previously sparred with current UFC middleweight Darren Till, who urged Fury to chance his hand in the octagon.

In December 2019, Fury said he would enlist the help of McGregor should he try out MMA, but the Irishman insisted he has never been contacted by The Gypsy King.

"Tyson keeps saying we have spoken and that I have said that I would train him but I have never spoken to Tyson in my life," McGregor said.


"We might be able to set something up but I would not be holding up the pads for him to hit. If he wanted to be trained or educated by me I would need to see him spar a heavyweight, deal with leg kicks and fight in bottom position."

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