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26th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Frankie Edgar’s latest attack on Conor McGregor hasn’t really gone to plan

Marks for effort, Frankie

Ben Kiely

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that Conor McGregor has responded to Frankie Edgar’s claim that The Notorious receives preferential treatment from the UFC.

Edgar has been campaigning for a fight against the Irishman for a long time now, but was unable to answer the call when Rafael dos Anjos pulled out of UFC 196 because of a groin injury.

After it emerged that Edgar was out of the running and Nate Diaz was getting the Red Panty Night instead, McGregor hinted that Edgar was ducking him as soon as opportunity knocked.edgar

Edgar fired back in a furious interview with MMAFighting in which he claimed that the treatment The Notorious receives from the UFC is completely unfair.

“And this is what my team was pissed at. This dude, they were going to let this guy hold the 145-pound title, go up to [1]55, now two weight classes are being held up.

“And now they’re saying he’s going to go up to 70. This is a circus. The ‘C’ in UFC stands for Conor. This guy runs the show.”

McGregor addressed this claim on Fox Sports 1 Thursday night and unsurprisingly, McGregor seemed to agree with Edgar’s assessment.

“I’m certainly very powerful, but I don’t abuse power and simply, I come through time and time again.”

“You’re damn right the ‘C’ in UFC stands for Conor.”