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12th Jun 2017

Confused football fans react to the news that the League Cup draw is to be held in Bangkok

Yes, really...

Simon Lloyd

Oh good, the League Cup has a brand new name.

With half of the country still calling it the Rumbelows / Coca-Cola /Worthington’s Cup, it was announced back in April that next season’s competition will be known as the Carabao Cup.

Carabao, for those of you not already aware, are a Thai energy drink company, and have decided to mark their first season as the sponsors of the competition by doing something special: holding the first round draw in Bangkok.

In this day an age – where World Cups are moved to the winter so they can be played in tiny desert states where searing summer heat makes it impossible to play football matches – this sort of thing shouldn’t really surprise us… especially seeing as Donald Trump was conducting League Cup draws in New York over two decades ago…

But as word of the destination of this Friday’s draw did the rounds, plenty of people hearing the news were a little shocked.

Initially, most people struggled to digest the news that the competition had a new name…

Whereas others struggled to come to terms with the fact that the draw was being held in the Thai capital…

Be sure to tune in on Friday at 1pm, when the draw is streamed live.