Commentator runs out of words for Adama Traore, makes car noises instead 1 year ago

Commentator runs out of words for Adama Traore, makes car noises instead

Sometimes, words aren't enough

Being a football commentator is not an easy job. The key to doing it successfully is knowing when to speak, and when to allow the events on the pitch to speak for themselves.


That moment of silence, that pause before an explosive description of the excitement you're witnessing, can be the difference between a throwaway line of commentary and one that echoes in the ears for decades.

On some occasions though, there are no words to describe what you're watching. Take Gary Neville's near-orgasmic reaction to Fernando Torres winner in the Champions League against Barca in 2012, or this most recent example.

Wolves faced Sevilla in the Europa League quarter-final on Tuesday evening, when their winger Adama Traore picked the ball up in his own half. As is his wont, he ran, and ran and ran and ran.


This was enough for one Spanish commentator to completely lose his ability to speak, and instead he opted to do the only thing he could at the time: make 'vroom vroom' car noises to illustrate the speed Traore was travelling at.

Now, you really need to watch it to get any idea of how bizarrely brilliant this is, and watching it does force one to ponder exactly what was going through the commentator's mind that led him to do it.


We have no idea what that might have been, but we're extremely glad he did it anyway.