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11th Jan 2017

Cody Garbrandt now agrees with Conor McGregor over the comment that started their fight

'The truth can hurt'

Patrick McCarry

“I certainly feel TJ is a little snake in the grass.” – Conor McGregor, August 2015.

‘Mystic Mac’ called TJ Dillashaw’s departure from Team Alpha Male a few months before the bantamweight made the jump. “The truth can hurt,” McGregor declared.

McGregor laid out exactly what he thought of ‘snake in the grass’ Dillashaw during his coaching stint on The Ultimate Fighter 22.

Cody Garbrandt, an Alpha Male teammate of Dillashaw’s, took exception and let McGregor know about it. He defended Dillashaw’s honour but the Dubliner was having none of it.

McGregor: Are you going to do something about it?

Garbrandt: I’ll do something about it.

McGregor: Well so something then. Do something then you f****** fool.

Garbrandt gave it his best shot…

Dillashaw fecked off in October 2015 and McGregor’s claims that he had no loyalty proved prescient.

Since then, Dillashaw lost his UFC bantamweight belt to Dominick Cruz and, at UFC 207, Garbrandt became the new 135lbs champion after seeing off Cruz in style.

It seems extremely likely that Garbrandt’s first title defence will be against Dillashaw and, after 10 days of pleasantries being exchanged, the beef has officially begun.

Dillashaw was speaking glowingly about ‘No Love’ on The MMA Hour, earlier this week, until he was played back a post-fight UFC 207 clip of Garbrandt talking trash. That was enough for the gloves to come off.

Dillashaw declared Garbrandt was trying to duck him and claimed he had a long text message from his former teammate enquiring about the possibility of following him to Duane Ludwig’s Elevation Fight Team.

Garbrandt snapped back and is now in agreement with McGregor about those snake comments.

When someone pointed out that Garbrandt had started a scrap with McGregor for something he now agreed it, an apology was not forthcoming.

Garbrandt has spoken about that bit of aggro with McGregor and has said he is open for a 150lbs catch-weight bout at some stage in the future. He said:

I have nothing against the guy, but it’s a business to me. If someone put their hands on me and I didn’t do shit about it, I’d be wanting to get them back, that’s for sure.”

The two men are finally on the same page regarding Dillashaw.

Perhaps when Garbrandt draws in some bigger pay-per-view numbers, McGregor will consider settling their score.