Chris Sutton gives harsh rating for Steven Gerrard's first season in management 3 years ago

Chris Sutton gives harsh rating for Steven Gerrard's first season in management

"It's about winning trophies. They're not going to win any"

Chris Sutton, a football pundit known for his notoriously bipartisan views on Scottish football, shocked the world today by giving Steven Gerrard's first season in management a very harsh rating.


Gerrard took over as manager of Scottish Premiership giants Rangers in May 2018, replacing the sacked Graeme Murty, and has presided over an objectively successful season, with his side currently second in the able, eight points behind league leaders and bitter rivals Celtic.

That position though is clearly not enough to convince Sutton, who played for Celtic between 2000 and 2006, that the former Liverpool midfielder has done a good job at Ibrox.

The topic arose on Saturday morning during an episode of Saturday Sav, and Sutton was not generous.


When asked how he would rate Gerrard's first season in management out of 10, the former Celtic striker said "honestly, honestly, four."

This was greeted with a reaction probably best described as surprise, but not surprise, although Savage did continually shout the word "FOUR! FOUR?!" like some sort of angry maths teacher.

Sutton explained: "It's the truth. He doesn't manage a mediocre Premier League English team. It's about winning trophies. They are not going to win any."


The answer may have annoyed some people, but in truth, being the Celtic fan that he is, and being an outspoken pundit when it comes to Scottish football, Sutton was never going to go for an uncontroversial 7/10.

Also, he loves to boil a bit of piss among viewers, so that goes some way to explaining it too.