Chris Sutton blasts Chelsea as 'lawless' and Maurizio Sarri 'weak' after Kepa drama 3 years ago

Chris Sutton blasts Chelsea as 'lawless' and Maurizio Sarri 'weak' after Kepa drama

You're probably sick of the Kepa fallout by now aren't you? If you still have room for pudding, step right this way

Chris Sutton is just the latest pundit to have his say on the Kepa Arrizabalaga saga that occurred on Sunday, the meaty casserole of nonsense of such a scale that it almost overshadowed one of the worst cup finals in the modern history of football.


If you were sitting alone in a damp cave on Sunday and missed the Carabao action, which, let's be honest, probably would have been preferable to watching Nicolas Otamendi dominate possession in an actual cup final, here's a quick and easy explainer: Essentially, Chelsea's young Spanish goalkeeper Kepa (a record £70 million buy over the summer no less) refused to be substituted towards the end of extra time, with penalties - and a shot at fleeting Carabao Cup stardom - fast approaching. Carnage ensued.

The result was an apoplectic Maurizio Sarri, a mildly annoyed Gianfranco Zola, a confused Willy Caballero, a hundred thousand memes courtesy of Kepa: Kepa waving his arms about and doing a thumbs up over and over again, Kepa winking, Kepa almost but not quite saving an Aguero penalty, Kepa actually saving a penalty, and then Man City winning on penalties anyway, and last but not least, a completely and utterly unmoved David Luiz who whispered sweet nothings in Kepa's ear and promptly missed his penalty by slamming it off the post, his facial expression never once wavering from that of a docile pigeon.

If you needed it, Chris Sutton has now had his say on the matter, calling it "mutiny" and "anarchy", deeming Chelsea "lawless" and saying that "the lunatics are now running the asylum". No really, take a listen for yourself:


Do I have anything to add to that exchange, other than really, really rating Ian Wright and Ian Wright's Snoopy t-shirt? Alas. I do not. Make of it what you will, I'm off to make some more Kepa memes.