Chelsea's kit for 2019/20 season has been 'leaked' and fans won't be happy 7 months ago

Chelsea's kit for 2019/20 season has been 'leaked' and fans won't be happy

It's pretty hard to fuck up a plain blue shirt, but this comes pretty close

It's that time of year again, when images of 'leaked' kits start doing the round on social media. Some will be accurate, some will be false. Some will be nice, some will be vile. Most them of them will be boring. But we're all curious to see them, aren't we?

The latest kit to be leaked is Chelsea's, made by Nike, but it's unlikely that fans will be too enamoured with the design.

The image doing the rounds shows a blue jersey - as expected - but with a stark contrast between the colour of the main body and the sleeves.

The main body of the shirt appears to be a darker shade than the club's traditional royal blue. Admittedly, it's very difficult to consistently reinvent a plain blue shirt, as shown by this season's jersey, which features red and white lines.

But if there's one part of the shirt you're going to keep the same, it's surely got to be the colour of the shirt.

Anyway, here is the supposedly leaked kit.

It will be the third kit Nike have designed for Chelsea, and if it looks like this, it will be the ugliest by some distance.

But I reiterate, this is a social media rumour. Take it with a rather large pinch of salt.