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19th Apr 2016

Cesc Fabregas has his say on why Jose Mourinho was sacked by Chelsea

Simon Lloyd

Ah, a rare treat: a story about Jose Mourinho that *doesn’t* discuss a potential move to Manchester United.

Speaking about his former manager on Sky’s Monday Night Football, Cesc Fabregas has admitted that he, along with other Chelsea players, feel guilty for the role they might have played in Mourinho’s sacking.

Mourinho left the club in December, just seven months after winning the first Premier League title of his second spell at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea Training Session

At the time, Fabregas and several other members of the Chelsea squad were blamed by some of the supporters for accelerating Mourinho’s departure.

“A lot has been said,” Fabregas said. “I love Jose and I consider him my friend and we still keep in touch right now.”

He continued:

“Some of the things said were unfortunate, but I have huge respect for him. I think Jose’s biggest problem was that he trusted us too much. He gave us more holiday because we were champions. He had been trusting us and we let him down. The whole team has, all of the players, and that was the main reason why he had to go. For that, myself and the rest of the team, we feel bad for that.”