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12th May 2017

Carl Froch seems to agree with a claim Tyson Fury made about Anthony Joshua

"Difficult to argue with"

Robert Redmond

Carl Froch has said it is “difficult to argue” with a recent claim made by Tyson Fury about Anthony Joshua.

Fury said he would play with the heavyweight “like a cat with a ball of wool” should they ever fight, the way he did with Wladimir Klitschko in their bout back in November 2015.

“I always said Wladimir would be my easiest fight. Now I change the goal posts, AJ will be my easiest fight,” Fury said last week.

“I’ve never been more confident or serious when I say something, I will play with Joshua like a cat with a ball of wool – hands behind my back, making a right mug of him.”

Froch reckons Fury has a point, given the apparent ease with which he beat Klitschko, and considering the difficulty the 41-year-old posed to Joshua in their Wembley bout.

“He (Fury) had his hands behind his back (against Klitschko) at times” Froch told the BBC.

“He was tapping his foot and was goading and was nonchalant in his mannerisms from the first bell right through to the last – and this is a guy that Anthony Joshua struggled with.”

However, Froch, the former world super-middleweight champion, echoed Eddie Hearn’s view that any bout between Fury and Joshua is a long way from becoming a reality.

Froch has said the 28-year-old needs to get back into fighting shape and to have a few fights before the Joshua bout can become a possibility.

“He’s been out of the ring two years, he’s had issues that I don’t want to bring up, so is he going to be the same guy who beat Klitschko?

“Of course he isn’t. He’s probably going to need a couple of fights but he’s certainly a really exciting and interesting addition to the heavyweight division.”